About Us

Who we are

In year 2018, a reorganization of Jeil Forging Far East (JFFE) took place. All sales, marketing, sourcing and R & D activities of JFFE – including semi-finished parts, casting, thread protectors and forgings were consolidated under Dura-Metal Group. Main forging production activities remain in South Korea. R & D, Quality Assurance and some value added processes for critical components are done in Singapore. We have since established ourselves as an innovative, reliable and competitive supplier serving the Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Cement and other heavy industries.

We have established a service record of supplying parts used as basic components for some of the major Onshore and Subsea EPC’s proprietary products used in the drilling of Oil and Gas around the world. From ring rolled forgings to castings and machined parts in drilling systems, we are driven to service our customers in getting the best solutions to meet their needs.

With every opportunity, we consistently look at ways to provide the customer a better alternative. From the basic raw forging to a complete fully machined component, heat treated, tested and machined to requirements. We are able to offer parts that improve the customer supply chain process with better price, delivery and quality.

By providing the value added services, our customers have the option to order raw, semi-finished or even complete components, ready for assembly.

Always enterprising, we are willing to collaborate with customer for better cost efficiency, quality and productivity to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver products with competitive and sustainable supports to achieve clients expectation in Quality at all times.

Quality Policy

  • Meeting customer and legal requirements.
  • Providing excellent quality products & customer service.
  • Becoming a highly skilled, innovation-driven company focusing on product know-how.
  • Improving overall competitiveness and fostering sustainable growth through productivity enhancement.